How to Manage Sub Accounts

The particular user can create sub accounts under his main account for the relatives (Individuals) and businesses.

The TownSuite® web portal facilitates creating sub accounts.

Initially the user has to log in to the web portal by entering the credentials.

In order to do so first the user has to access “Account Settings” page. Hence the user has to click on the “Your account” link under the main navigation pane in the web portal dash board.

Accessing Account Settings

Once clicked on the “Your account” link user will be navigated to account settings page. In order to create new sub accounts user has to click on “Manage Sub Accounts” link.

Account Settings Page

Once clicked on the “Manage Sub Accounts” link, system routes to a page where the user can create a new sub account. To create a new sub account user has to click on “Create New Sub Account” button.

Create New Sub Account Page

Once clicked on “Create New Sub Account” button, user will be navigated to a page where the information of the new sub account can be entered.

When creating a new sub account, there are two options provided. They are “Register an Individual” or “Register a Business”.

User has to tick one of the radio buttons among “Register an Individual” and “Register a Business” options. Then the user has to fill relevant information and click on “Save” button. After clicking on the “Save” button, the sub account will be created. If the user requires to close the page without creating the account, user has to click on “Cancel” button.

Create Sub Account Interface

If the user requires to edit an existing account, user has to click on “Edit” button. Then the user can do the relevant changes and click on “Update” button to save the changes.

Edit Interface

In the user requires to delete a sub account user has to click on “Delete” button.

Clicking On Delete Button

If there is a relationship assigned, before deleting interface prompts a message as “The User Relationship will be permanently deleted. Do you want to continue?” If clicked on “Ok” user can proceed with deleting the sub account.

Warning Message

Once clicked on “Ok” button, web portal deletes the sub account and prompts a success message.

Successfully Deleted

Please refer the below Demonstration Video on How to Manage Sub Accounts.

Manage Sub Accounts from TownSuite Municipal Software on Vimeo.

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